About LINO

LINO Co., Ltd was founded on 12th of July, 1981 in Seoul, Korea.
It has been one of the most advanced textile manufacturer,
especially professional at Linen and Linen blended fabrics.

We are professional at ...

Linen 100%
Linen Blended Stretch

We Are...

We has accumulated various experiences, know-hows, advanced technics and equipment for desining and producing Linen fabrics of superior quality.
Nowadays, we are trying to develop new products and diversify items.
We are also intending to increase the quality and minimize the producing cost.

Our Customers Are...

Both domestic and international markets are out sales target.
We are exporting products to many conturies including Japan, USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.

Major Exhibition...

We have participated major textile and fashion exbibitions.
You can meet us and our products at typical exhibitions.
The participation plans will be announced at the Lino News site.

In This Web Site...

You can check our full product line at this site.
It is strongly recommended to visit the office in Seoul, Korea.

We Hope...

We are always prepared to supply Linen fabrics of high quality for every customers in the world.
Please have nice experiences with our products and services.